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sandy830 writes:

  I find that the mouth ulcers are the first thing that show up during a "flare" but also can be present at any time and usually are. The most effective thing I have found to deal with them is a mouth gel called Biotene. It is available in a rinse also. It does not require a prescription. They take weeks to go away sometimes. There is also oral thrush that can develop when the bacteria in your mouth is lowered by an antibiotic or prednisone therapy or chemotherapy, but it is more of a white coating on the tongue and goes away quickly with a mouth wash called Niastatin.

You can also try yogart with active cultures for oral thrush.

cl-meshellpnc writes:

Mouth ulcers may be solitary or appear as crops of lesions, they can be found on the tongue, or any part of the mouth.

Symptoms of mouth ulcers include soreness, swelling around the ulcer, difficulty chewing, visible sores in the mouth.

Keeping the mouth clean (good oral hygiene) will help prevent some mouth ulcers and can stop existing mouth ulcers from spreading or becoming more infected.

Keep area clean and clear of food scraps. Use a mouthwash of warm salt water solution (1/2 teaspoon salt in full glass of warm water). Over the counter treatments for mouth ulcers can sometimes help. Avoid spicy and acid foods which can aggravate the ulcers. One of the most common features of lupus is mouth ulcers. This often occurs during flares along with increased joint pains rashes and hair loss. Fortunately in most people when the disease settles the mouth ulcers settle as well, although stress or tiredness can also make mouth ulcers worse. Mouth ulcers can be painful and uncomfortable and it they are an ongoing problem there are simple treatments available such as antiseptic mouthwashes and sometimes steroid lozenges or paste .

The importance of oral hygiene must not be forgotten. Keeping teeth brushed and giving up smoking are even more important in people with lupus. If the mouth is particularly sore a soft toothbrush can be used.

jaroberts99 writes:

I have had these so bad I couldn't eat..I actually lost 5lbs~ My doctor finally gave me a perscription for an oral mouthwash- it was more like corn syrup than a mouthwash- you are supposed to "swish" with it...try swishing a thick liquid- NOT EASY..I ended up using it witha q-Tip...It was a numbing agent type mouthwash...

I would HIGHLY avoid any type of mouthwash that has acohol in it..Biotene works well...available over the counter..but the other stuff is a presciption..your dentist may have it...I believe it was call Nestain?? It was a form of another drug used to "numb" areas for injections...I don't remember exactly...

But I can totally sympathize about ulcers...they are AWFUL!!! It took weeks for them to get better...but at least the mouthwash stuff made it so I could eat something... I was starving!!!