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In Memoriam

My sister was first told that she might have lupus 12 years ago. Her Dr at that time was a jerk, who said that it wasn't a real disease. Sis took his advice and ignored the disease, until the summer of 1998. She was diagnosed then with renal failure, but the DR didn't know about the diagnosis so long before that. By November of that year she was in an ICU, and had neurapathy. It wasn't until the following summer that, after researching her symptoms ourselves, my other sister and I discovered lupus and found her a rheumatologist.

There were many ups and downs in since that summer of 1999, she had to live in assisted living for a year and a half. During that time, DH and I brought her home most weekends. Then in early 2001, she was able to move in with us. She lived with us, with my DH picking her up from dialysis 3 nights a week, until this past September, when she received a kidney transplant.

During those years she survived many lupus related problems, including collapsed lungs, and heart valve problems.

Her last flare started this past Spring, after she had a stroke. She was just starting to come out of it in September. The flare intensified after the transplant. Between the flare and the immunosuppressant drugs, she had 3 boughts of pneumonia in the past 5 weeks. Then the anemia.

She died last night. (December 10, 2004)

Please, if you suspect, or if the DR suspects, that you have lupus, be vigilant.