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By keeping a pain diary or journal you can ease communication between you and your doctor. The more information you bring into the picture, the better your professional medical team members will be to make feasible suggestions. List which doctors you have seen and why; we often do not remember certain things once we are actually in the doctor's office.

1)  How your pain started. 

2)  What activities make the pain better and which make it worse. 

3)  How does the the pain affect your life, your work, your play? 

4)  Which medications work or don't work.

5)  Is the pain constant or does the pain come and go. 

6)  How frequent is the pain and how long it lasts.

Pain is pain is pain but it can actually be broken into two categories.

Chronic and Acute.

Acute pain  has an obvious a cause and lasts only for a short while.(the stubbed toe.)

While chronic pain  may or may not have an obvious cause and lasts for months.

You can use a pain diary/journal to help you identify your lupus 'flare' triggers.

You can keep track of the foods which disagree with you these days.

What events happened before your last headache?

Is a medication change working? What side effects are you suffering from?

Do you drink enough water with your medication and avoid the foods which make your stomach burn?

You also need to make a list of your current medications including any OTC (over the counter), vitamins and supplements. List the mg, how often you uses it in 24 hrs and the doctor who prescribed it.  Be sure you list all the OTC things.   I use a computer database program so I can easily make changes and enough copies for my doctors and one for my purse.



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If YOU are interested in adding your story, e-mail me!  It can be in the form of an e-mail or e-mail with an attachment which can be open with Office Word 2007.

 The only requirement is that you use as many or as few words, you need to tell about your true lupus diagnoses or overlap syndrome story.

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