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A knight of a new order... "I have slain dragons".
"The struggle is confused; our knight wins...the dragon poops out..." paraphrased from N.Thomas
In my lifetime I have been a teacher, dancer, a 'professional' student, a little cog in a big company and a big cog in a little company. I've 'headhunted' for a prestigious personnel firm and have been “Mommy.”

In 1987 after intensive tests by very good rheumatologist I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Which is not an automatic death sentence these days. My history of Sjogren’s syndrome, Raynaud’s, pericarditis, angioedema, Hashamoto's thyroiditis, kidney problems and seizure disorders, years of chronic fatigue, depressions, pain, swelling, cyclical appetites, sleeping problems, funny rashes, and being unable to see in sunlight or at night now made sense finally, finally. No more suffering with doctors who thought I was a hypochondriac among other things. and there were medications.

I kept the news to myself.

I was studying for another advance degree. (I have a Ph.D. Theater and a MBA.) My career was taking an upwards turn. I was the local president of an organization preparing a national convention. I had mention in "Who's Who in the Midwest and American Women" (a highschool dream). My family was progressing well through their lives and careers. I had a working professional and financial programme to complete before this diseases progressed . I was even considering a city political office proposal.

Lupus doesn't care about dreams and hopes. It doesn't care about plans.

I was hit with one of the biggest test of faith and character in my life. In addition to CNS & CFS, multiple system necrosis, Lupus traveled to my brain.

I couldn't remember my way to work, home, or the doctors. Language and numbers would take vacations and didn't tell me they were leaving. If it happend 3 seconds,three days or 3 years ago I might not remember. This I couldn't keep to myself and any agendas I may have had were trashed...

While fluid was being removed from my heart and lungs, a physiatrist and physical therapist suggested computer graphic-photo reconstruction which has lead to web page construction.

The other day, when a some said 'hello', I said "tomatoes." I don't dare carry cash or leave home without specific written directions (then I'm not sure where I put them).I can no longer write or print legibly spell with any accuracy (thank heavens for spell checks), answer a ringing telephone in another room or drive my car. "Brain Fog" for me is not an inconvenience but a way of life. I've found ink pens and pencils neatly placed in the silverware drawer, coats folded and put in drawers, the drycleaners and pharmacy call to remind me of clothes or that I called in a prescription. I'm learning to cope and hope you find my latest therapeutic dragon slaying enjoyable and informative.

MiLady Knight
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My wonderful ,wonderful husband is a historian an ex-teacher.
He definitely has been a helpmate in the many adjustments I have had to make.
We raised wonderful and handsome twin boys (CM & CC who are now 25.
One is an ex-Marine. The other is in the Navy. They are not identical for anyone who knows both. There have been some sticky situations. When the family went to CM's Marine boot-camp graduation several officers wanted to know why CC was not in uniform and this would cost him points. We had to track CM down and stand them side-by side). Now there are two Lhasa Apso furkids. One male and one female (neutered and spayed) which DH suggested after I had to stop working and be housebound most of the time. I'm no longer outnumbered by males and can get to a bathroom mirror.
Blade Runner/The Lion King/Rocky Horror Picture Show and anything with Whoopie Goldburg.
If it has large pictures or print has become my criteria for books. I have always loved to read and my tastes are eclectic. But if I had to choose I’d take a large print untranslated copy of Dante's Inferno, Purgatory and Hell."
Coffee and Cigarettes followed but almost everthing else. My grandmother had a confectionery while I was growing up so I love sweets but not candy.
Learning to build web pages.MiLady's Construction-A Lupus Web Site Designing bulletins for a church. Grooming the pups, quilting, yoga and LEARNING HOW TO REST ! I also spend "spare time" in physical therapy hoping that one day I will be able to travel(in the flesh) again.
I call my website "MiLady's Construction" .MiLady's Construction-A Lupus Web Site because I need to believe that no matter the stage or point we are in our life we are constantly learning or experiencing things which change us. “To everything there is a season... Ecclesiastes 3:1