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community leader for:
Lupus Lupus Support HIV/AIDS

A knight of a new order...
I am happy to announce:
"I have slain dragons"!


"The struggle is confused; our knight wins...the dragon poops out..." (parapharsed from N.Thomas)

In 1987 my history of Sjogren's syndrome, Raynaud's, pericarditis, angioedema, Hashamoto's thyroiditis, kidney problems and seizure disorder were no longer listed as separated disorders but finally after intensive tests by very good rheumatologist attributed to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

The years of chronic fatigue and depressions the pain, loss of appetite, sleeping disorders, funny rashes, and being unable to see in sunlight and after dark now made sense had finally been niched and there were medications. What ailed me had been diagnosed there would be no more suffering with doctors who thought I was a hypochondriac. I've had a diagnosis.

I kept the news to myself.

I was studying for another advance degree. (I have a Theater and a MBA.) My career was taking an upwards turn. I was local president of an organization preparing for a national convention in my local. I had made mention in "Who's Who in the Midwest and American Women" (a highschool dream). My family was progressing well through their lives and careers. I had a professional and financial programme to complete before this diseases progressed.

But I was hit with a test of faith and character. In addition to Central Nervous System (CFS) involvement and multiple system necrosis,four years ago,Lupus traveled to my brain. I couldn't remember my way to work, home or the doctors. Language and numbers would take vacations on their own. This I couldn't keep to myself and any agendas I may have had were trashed...

Lupus does not care about dreams and hopes or agendas.

While fluid was being removed from my heart and lungs, a physiatrist and physical therapist suggested computer graphic-photo reconstruction which has lead to web page construction. I'm rather proud of the cards and the family albums I do.

The other day, when a someone said hello, I said "tomatoes' in reply. I don't dare carry cash or leave home without specific written directions to where I'm going (then I'm not sure where I put them). "Brain Fog" for me is not an inconvenience but a way of life but I'm learning.


My husband a humanitarian historian is wonderful.
(and he can point out strategies I missed in my latest campaign.)
(no crusades yet)
Boy twins-25 year young.
An ex-Marine who is apprenticing in a 5 star restaurant.
The other is nuclear submarining "Anchors Away".
(That one still puzzles me,how does one weigh anchor on a seagoing reactor)?
Now there are two Lhasa Apso furkids (you get use to doubles). But now I'm no longer outnumbered by the males in the house and can get to a bathroom mirror.


Blade Runner/The Lion King/Rocky Horror Picture Show


"Does it have pictures or large print?"


Coffee and Cigarettes


Learning how to rest. Learning to build great web pages. Designing bulletins for a church. Grooming the pups, quilting, yoga and learning how to rest. Finishing that book I'm writing. I also spend my "spare time" in physical therapy so that one day I will be able to travel(in the flesh) again and learning how to rest.


" Don't forget your shades...gotta wear shades."

Professionals built the Titanic
Amateurs built the Ark
To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1



At all stages of our lives we are constantly learning or experiencing new things which change us."To everything there is a season..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

where you can find me at my iVillage:

Lupus Board
MiLady Knight's Construction-A Lupus Site


The song I chose is called "Its not right but its O.K."

Because I use to click on the iVillage Logo before I went to work and saw a dedication to ideas until they were realities despite things not being right or easy.

I cose it because having experienced and still experiencing a lot of what others with SLE are going through I wished to help, support, educate and be educated with sympathy and humor.

I chose it because I believe that those of us who suffer daily with the constant factors of a chronic disease have to laugh or let the world see us crying.

I chose it because as a part of the iVillage reality,and

As knight of a new order...

I want to help it be O.K..

Flaming Image by Dragon by BestAnimations

I hope you found my latest therapeutic dragon slaying enjoyable and informative.

MiLady Knight 8-)

Don't Forget Your Shades